Testimonials for Government ICT

This was an informative and well-organised event which gave lots of insight into how different parts of government are dealing with some key challenges. It also increased my personal network of cross-government and supplier contacts.
Head of Service Management ProfessionDWP Digital
This is a great event to learn about things and benchmark yourself, especially in the early stages of programmes of work.
Head of Technology ServicesHorsham District Council
A thoroughly worthwhile experience in terms of the diverse viewpoints and approaches on offer and unexpected approaches to problem-solving. Some seriously innovative thinking still exists!
Executive OfficerMHCLG
The Government ICT Conference was a revelation in what is happening and helped provide a balanced perspective between buyer and supplier of ICT, indicating what is working, what hasn't and what may work in the future.
Enterprise/Solution Architect, Eco-Enable LimitedContractor to Westminster City Council