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2017 Seminars

Government ICT 2018 features a selected range of one-hour seminars that will allow delegates to explore key topics in more detail. Seminars run in both the morning and afternoon and will encourage interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and share solutions around a number of focused topics, hosted by leaders in the field. Below are a selection of popular seminars from the 2017 event. The 2018 seminars will be live shortly. If you believe that you have something to offer the day and want to find out more about sponsoring and delivering a session, call Ed Irving on 0161 211 3057 or email [email protected]

Successfully dealing with the harsh realities of legacy IT

IT transformation is no longer a theory, forward ambition, or solely the domain of the tech savvy. IT Transformation is now a deliverable and the only questions remaining are how fast you can adapt and how well you can manage the transformation.

We can all gaze wistfully at the green-field cloud native startups and their tales of utopia, but for most of us in Government with a lethargic existing IT capability, headaches over budget reductions, compliance requirements, and the need to fire-fight just to stay alive, the world of IT transformation is a pipe-dream. Or is it? What if there were a large number of organisations who face the same harsh realities you do, but are thriving in their transformation? And not with press release stories, but real-life gritty success that comes from recognising that, if understood and managed properly, legacy IT can be part of your arsenal to accelerate your IT transformation across all types of cloud.

In this session we will highlight how the IT group of today must rapidly create a platform of IT services that enable innovation and are fast and flexible in responding to requirements, while maintaining compliance and enhancing security. To do so they need a cross-cloud architecture to provide a common framework for deploying both new and traditional applications at speed, and all the while managing to extend and enhance trusted governance models.

Learning Points;

  • Take IT transformation from theory to practice, using your existing IT baseline as a weapon, not a liability
  • Solve the most pressing IT concerns (such as security and compliance) of managing a multi-cloud world
  • Fast-track the delivery of essential IT projects like datacenter consolidation, IT projects, and auditable availability and disaster recovery services, allowing you the freedom to focus on the new and innovative

Aiming high – building a data repository designed from the ground up to support legacy support, structured and unstructured data, hybrid cloud, data analytics, containerization and cloud native applications

Changes in the way citizens demand access and provide information to government, demand new and more intelligent ways of storing, governing, securing and managing this data. With more and more of government activity carried out online, the public sector need to be able to assure themselves that they are able to take advantage of the intelligence held within to reduce the burden on departments and to improve the services provided to citizens

This seminar will look at the challenges faced in accessing, governing, managing and extracting intelligence from the multiple data sources and the role technology plays in simplifying this whilst at the same time enabling the service to extract new in-sites and operational value to support new more effective ways of working and cost reductions.

Learning Points;

  • How to cost-effectively and securely manage growing volumes of digital data for access across the public sector
  • How to simplify the management of live, test and Dev environments
  • How to support cloud native applications
  • How to extract in-site from data

How to seize control of technology costs and drive digital transformation

The UK government deficit reduction programme is aimed at producing more efficiencies and savings, however current digital services in central government cannot meet changing demand without innovation. Government departments are disillusioned by out-of-control technology costs, and IT funds that could be invested in innovation are lost maintaining current systems.

How can you transform your department and release funds from ongoing operations to invest in digital technologies? This seminar will reveal proven, disruptive strategies that you can use to take back control of your organisation’s technology investments.
Learning Points;
• How to take back control to drive your business needs
• Liberate your resources to drive innovation
• Save up to 90% on your total maintenance costs

How can you have the agility of public cloud inside your four walls?

Imagine your storage offers the agility of public cloud, but your workloads don’t have to leave your premises. You can automate key actions, analyse cross-infrastructure and enable self-service to speed your business – all inside your four walls. Now, we are inviting you to stop imagining and start listening to the experiences of some of our public-sector customers to see how all this is possible with Tintri – the only storage specifically-built for virtualisation and cloud.

Learning Points;

  • You can use an autonomous system to reduce management efforts
  • It is possible to manage performance metrics on a per-VM and per-vDisk basis
  • It possible to have consistent performance for hundreds of virtual desktops and mixed virtual desktops
  • You can use analytics that span compute and storage for more insight

Coregov secure, mobility for government devices – secure windows 10 build “over the air”

Hear from Government case studies of they have embraced fast, secure, complete remote build of devices “over the air”

Learning Points;

  • Hear about Government department case studies
  • Secure Identity Access Management
  • Rights Management and Multi Factor Authentication
  • Remote provisioning and de-provisioning of users, devices, and licensing (no need to visit the office for on or off-boarding)
  • Onboarding large numbers of users quickly (both physical and virtual desktops)
  • Onboard remote workers/new staff easily with devices purchased directly from the OEM

Delivering government digital services with software: virtualising the network

You’ve virtualised your servers, virtualised your storage, maybe even virtualised an application, but what about the network that joins it all together? How do you build an agile, open network that responds to the new world of on-demand services, without impacting current performance and while delivering greater efficiencies? Find out how Government SDN (Software Defined Networking) can save you money and deliver a more responsive experience and outcome for your users.

Learning Points;

  • What Government Software Defined Networking is, and what problems it solves.
  • How you can save you money and deliver a more responsive experience and outcome for your users.
  • How to get there from here – a practical roadmap for transformation.
  • What Network Function Virtualisation is, and how it can help you deliver agile, elastic, and on-demand network services

Why building a new silo destroys government innovation

A trap that is all too easy to fall into is to believe that to utilise a new technology, we need a new platform. Silo after Silo after Silo gets built, proliferating complexity. In this Seminar, Ed will outline how as applications evolve what’s needed as an evolution in how we consume IT, how we make what we have work harder for us, how to integrate the best of Open Source and how we identify WHY something should move to ‘Cloud’ rather than focusing our efforts on the ‘What or Which Cloud’.

Learning Points;

  • Innovation is a Cycle – the fastest win!
  • Reducing friction is what gets you around that cycle
  • Speed is tied to the fictionless consumption of IT
  • Building new Silo’s just fragments and slows innovation
  • Ask ‘WHY’ before ‘HOW’ to avoid a tyranny of action

Redefining Central Government services through collaboration and innovation

With the number of applications required by government organisations, a reliable infrastructure is paramount to meeting service delivery targets.

This session will cover the key requirements of Government Cloud services and the benefits of having a secure, resilient and flexible infrastructure in place for operational applications managing all data types, including official.

The presentation will also discuss how achieving your cloud-first ambitions can be done quickly and efficiently and with minimum disruption to front-line services.

Learning outcomes:

  • Key considerations with applications in the cloud
  • The importance of having a resilient platform for service delivery
  • Benefits and importance of working with Public Service Network (PSN) supplier
  • Public sector specific real-life examples of cloud infrastructure being used today

Why experience should be the focus for digital government

The evolution of digital government has so far been largely focused on moving paper and functional processes online. The next evolution will focus on experience, which will drive the types of outcomes that government needs to achieve: delivering more for less, connecting with hard-to-reach people, increasing satisfaction and driving internal productivity.

This session will look at:

  • The challenges the public sector must overcome to become truly transformational – acknowledging and responding to rising citizen expectations, harnessing the power of the data to improve service delivery and keeping pace with digital disruption
  • Focusing on ‘experience’ as a key way to bring effective digital transformation and why it matters in public service delivery