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Alexander Holt

Head of CivTech®
Scottish Government (Confirmed)

  • At a time when citizen expectation around public service delivery is rising, and budgets are falling, technology is hailed as the great bridge builder. But when tech development moves so fast, that leaves us with a problem. How can we procure what we don’t know exists?
  • The concept of ‘challenge’ procurements is on the up. How do you run a successful challenge? What do you do if you have the money but not the know-how?
  • The CivTech® Programme is the Scottish Government’s flagship innovation programme. It brings together private sector innovation, public sector organisations and citizens to develop more efficient and effective products and services
  • This session is essential for those looking to get involved in innovation, sustainability, GovTech, the procurement of digital services, Internet of Things (IoT), data, AI and machine learning, distributed ledger technologies, challenge funds, economic development and service delivery.