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Andy Butcher

General Manager
Axians Public Sector (Confirmed)

Andy Butcher is General Manager of Axians Public Sector who brings IT solutions to help meet the changing expectations of government institutions as they navigate the ever-evolving dynamic of technology solutions required to keep pace with increasing user expectations.   Andy believes that network process automation and AI technology will be key to supporting and securing cloud adoption and delivering progress change in day to day processes to bridge the skills gap that dominates discussion in the sector.   Andy has held sales and leadership roles in the industry for over 20-years and today runs Axians Business Unit dedicated to Public Sector, partnering with higher education and central government departments. Andy holds a Masters in Sales Management from University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Business and Law.

  • Technologies impacting Digital Government
  • How to get started with Automation & Artificial Intelligence
  • What the Next Generation Network should look like