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Judith Jones

Group Manager Parliament and Government Affairs
Information Commissioner's Office (Confirmed)

Judith Jones is the Central Government Group Manager in the ICO’s Parliament and Government Affairs Department. A key focus of her current work is coordinating the ICO’s work on the Data Protection Bill and engaging with government departments and arm’s length bodies on implementing the new data protection reforms. Her role involves promoting a sensible and secure approach to justified data sharing; ensuring information rights and privacy safeguards are fully considered in order to maintain people’s trust and confidence in the government’s use of their data.  She represents the ICO as an observer on the Welfare Sector Transparency Board and the Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group.  Prior to joining the ICO in 2007, Judith was a senior policy adviser at the Department of Trade and Industry and previously the Cabinet Office and Department for Education and Employment.

  • Adopting appropriate levels of security and avoiding the risk of penalties
  • The impact of the Data Protection Bill on public bodies and changes in liability: Impact on the supply chain
  • Conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment on privacy and information security. New requirements on accountability and citizen’s rights.
  • Data breach notification regulations and changes in liability will have a profound impact on the supply chain
  • Auditing existing supplier arrangements and updating procurement contracts to reflect the GDPR’s data processor obligations