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Vikram Setia

Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Infomentum (Confirmed)

  Vikram is passionate about helping organisations understand and embrace the latest technologies, including integration and automation, and align them with overall business goals and digital strategy. He is a co-founder and CCO of Infomentum. According to Vikram, the success of technology adoption is ultimately about improving the digital experience of people. His goal is to enable businesses to reap the full advantages of technologies and through improving business processes achieve service transformation, cost-cutting, higher efficiency, better collaboration and users satisfaction.   Vikram is a fantastic story-teller. He always has an abundant supply of witty stories from his travels to over 50 countries and amazing life experiences working as a welder, a physics teachers and growing cotton and roses in his native India. Vikram is also committed to mentoring young individuals and has recently joined UWL as a lecturer. Vikram is a strong advocate for equal opportunities and takes part in initiatives to coach women in business.