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For the past 13 years the Government ICT Conference has provided a unique arena in which to celebrate ambitious projects of modernisation. The 2018 conference will consist of one main plenary allowing delegates to gain an understanding of how digital and IT developments are being implemented and streamlined through case studies from high-level figures in central government agencies.

Benefits of Attending:


ICT infrastructure to refine business models


digital channels and applications to accelerate business transformation

Prepare for

GDPR compliance and its new requirements on accountability and citizen rights


from a range of high-level speakers, session leaders and case studies across plenary and seminar sessions


smart technologies to improve automation and instigate business change


cloud migration, rationalizing cloud data and data security in the cloud


data analysis & virtualisation, training staff to handle data securely and extracting insights in intelligence


with leaders from key organisations across Central and Local Government

Who Will Attend?